Fields Of Activity

Feasibility Studies: We offer feasibility studies across a wide spectrum of sectors, primarily including mining, crushing, screening, beneficiation, pelletizing, coke production, sintering, blast furnaces, DRI (Direct Reduced Iron), converters, EAF (Electric Arc Furnace), ladle furnaces, VOD (Vacuum Oxygen Decarburization), GES and RES plants, energy recovery, continuous casting, rolling mills, wastewater treatment, environmental studies, iron and steel waste, and hydrogen plants.
Technical and Administrative Management Consulting: We offer expertise in project management, organization, and more, specifically tailored for project engineering offices.
Business Development and Project Evaluation: Our services range from objective evaluations of projects in the business development phase to technical and administrative management consulting during the implementation phase post-decision.
R&D Projects and Government Incentives: We support research and development project management and help you make the most of government incentives.
Long-term Investment Plans and Financial Assessment: We create long-term investment plans and provide financial assessments, particularly in the iron and steel industries.
Business and Process Improvement: We conduct various studies and projects aimed at enhancing your business processes and efficiency.
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